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Pan Masala belongs to mouth freshener family and the meaning of mouth freshener in hindi is Mukhwas. The Mukhwas is real mouth freshener which is made by expensive and rear natural flavors,fragrances and ingredients, The consumption of herbs like sandalwood saffron clove cardamom rose betel leaves Kevda catechu betel nuts etc, and there extracts are their medicinal properties which are beneficial for health and are also effective in increasing the immunity of the body. A blend of natural rich flavors and ingredients is called the Mukhwas, one gets a wonderful and unimaginable velvety taste and aromatic freshness, which makes the person's strong and refreshed with fragrant breaths. During the ancient time period, the Mukhwas with medicinal properties were used by King Maharaja's continuously to increase immunity and to keep fresh with its aromatic flavor and always carried it with him, That is why Pan masala is said to be associated with kings and royal families. But In last few decades the mukhwas has completely changed which was made from artificial flavors and synthetic flavors prepared from chemicals along with mixing harmful substance magnesium carbonate or there alternatives as complex silicate, silica powder etc. inferior catechu to make it mukhwas white, and named it Pan Masala. After eating this kind of pan masala people first enjoy it a lot but after some time symptoms of mouth disease start appearing in there mouth. This is due to combination of synthetic artificial flavors with magnesium carbonate in the pan masala, When such symptoms started appearing in many peoples, then the central and state government banned mixing of magnesium carbonate in pan masala, After that the pan masala made with synthetic artificial flavor along with magnesium carbonate is being made and sold in the market.



After a long time of untiring efforts and research by the positive and welfare thinking of Aruna's Group managing director Aman Saxena and managed to create a unique formulation of pan masala for the first time ever in the history of pan masala in india ,he is come out with a product which truely encompasses the feeling and emotions millions of people who take pride in Chewing pan masala which is made from natural rich flavors, fragrances and ingredients, does not contains magnesium carbonate, silica powder or complex silicate etc. His lot of efforts in researching and developing the product for all pan masala enthusiasts. Luxury Mukhwas Shree Ratna contains the natural rich flavors and ingredients blended and comeup with its brilliant long lasting taste and fragrances .keeping in mind the health of our consumers, he has gone to the next level and made Shree Ratna Ultra Premium Pan Masala in luxury segment. For Example - Eating in an ordinary hotel during a trip fulfills a need, but eating in a five-star hotel with many specialities seems to be its luxury