Late Shri Lal Bahadur Saxena
Founder Aruna's Group

He saw an opportunity in the development of a real estate and construction in the year 1991. Prior to this in 1991 he was successfully Operating software and hardware company .which was in Delhi. Till 2007 he has successfully developed multiple real estate projects, He always thougt of to do new & different for our society and market. Our efforts in the direction of his positive thinking and concept.

Mrs. Aruna Saxena
Founder Director, Aruna's Group

She done his Masters of Arts (MA) in LLB from CCS University Meerut Uttar Pradesh in 1988.

Bald Eagle Mr. Aman Saxena
Chairman & Managing Director of Aruna's Group

Mr. Aman Saxena Founder Director of Aruna’s Group, has done his Master of Business Administration from CCS University from Meerut Uttar Pradesh in 2006, And he started his career from his own family real estate Business along with that he was searching for new and different opportunity for our indian market .After having 10 years of experience of society and market needs .He surveyed and Analysed the indian market and society. He saw that our society is consuming Pan masalas cigarettes etc which are very harmful for the health, which are high consumption products .After seeing this he thought why not to come up with same products in the market which would not be harmfull for the health and does not effect our society too, he has researched on this concept for years, and he got succeed to create a new and unique formulation of making pan masalas and cigarettes which will be not injerious for our consumers. Aman Saxena is mentor as well as angel investor at Aruna’s group and gives valuable guidance to the team in taking business decisions.

Bald Eagle Mrs. Rajni Saxena
Chief Executive Officer Aruna's Group

There will be paradigm shifts in marketing. We will use promotional activities to boost our sales. Online will be the key. Straight communication to target audience