About Aruna's Group


Aruna’s Group belongs to Aruna’s Fragrances foods private limited. Company Incorporation year 2017. We are the manufacturer of ultra-premium food and beverages products in luxury segment which are made by rich and rear herbs extracts and their ingredients. who has self multiple medical properties and specialty to build strong immunity and very beneficial for human’s health. We are the creator of unique formulation and taste developer for food and beverages by using natural rich and rear flavors. Example :- we came up with pan masala which is made by herbs extracts rich flavors and ingredients of expensive rear herbs without added synthetic flavors or harmful substance as magnesium carbonate and there alternativeslike silica powder complex silicate etc. A pan masala made by natural rich flavors and ingredients blended this combination is very unique and not harmful for health like other pan masalas. With the satisfaction of pan masala consumers from our product. After the successful creation of a unique pan masala formulation, we also developed a multi-flavor cigarette-making formulation by using expensive herbal ingredients without using tobacco with the satisfaction of regular smokers practically. Our efforts will help in protecting consumers from painful diseases.